Beyond Risk & Back

The Future of My Scars

December 17, 2021

When children self-harm, we often are afraid of what they will have to tell people about their scars when they get older. How will they explain it to a friend, future spouse, a boss? How could they do this to their bodies and their future?


WHY would a child ever do this?


"I am not my mental health trauma. I am me."


I met with Amy Minh Hạnh Corey on the birthday of her 8th year of sobriety from self-harm who can explain it to use from a young-persons point of view, and WHY she cut. 

Bullying, depression, suicide survivor... The words "fat" and "hate" are carved into her arm... at only twenty-four years old, TEDx Speaker, Mental Health Keynote and Public Speaker, Singer, Songwriter and Goodwill Ambassador to Holt International and HCMC Peace and Development Foundation; Amy Minh Hanh Corey is building her creative empire through her understanding and honesty in mental health by sharing her mindset in music, songwriting, writing, public speaking, and ambassadorships on how she has not only overcome the worst anyone could imagine going through, but how because of those sufferings and her unbelievable experiences, she has trained her mind to turn every negative time into something positive and mastered how to not only survive in chaos but how to thrive in it as well. Her mindset has not only created her rapidly growing empire throughout multiple industries but is the drive-in her passion to understand the misunderstood and help heal whoever she can reach around the world, in everything she does.


You can reach Amy here:

I: amycorey

F: amycorey

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