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Bio-Hacking Struggling Teens…Essential Oils and the Woo Woo episode

October 22, 2021

No, I'm not joking.

Before you roll your eyes, you need to know that I am a believer in essential oils and use them a lot. 


After I heard about my guest, I had to ask her:

  • Do they work with families that struggle?
  • What is Bio-Hacking and can we use oils to hack our teen's brains?
  • Is it actually a real thing? Like... with science?
  • ...and every left hook question I could think of to understand this...woo-woo stuff.

Melody Watts thinks so and I brought her on the air to talk about ANOTHER tool we could use.

Nine years ago Melody Watts began her journey of self-discovery and healing following a perfect storm of malady, tragedy, and bad luck.
Diagnosed with a debilitating form of Lyme disease while struggling through a tumultuous divorce, she simultaneously lost her mother in a tragic car accident. To exacerbate matters she was imprisoned on a baseless technicality and spent 7-months behind penitentiary bars.

Upon release, Melody was introduced to doTERRA essential oils, through a close friend while seeking alternative advice for her son’s recurrent cough. Miraculously, the essential oils worked and Melody’s perspective of holistic healthcare was altered forever.

Shortly thereafter, she officially joined doTERRA in 2013 and by 2015 was top 1% in sales in all of doTERRA. By 2019 Melody sold over $22-million per year and helped thousands of business owners accomplish financial freedom.

 Melody lives in Meridian, Idaho with her husband Walter and her four children and two horses.


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